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Stone paper is made of Stone. During the whole production process without water pollution, no need to cut down forests, so stone paper is  friendly to the natural environment. 

Our factory produces 12,000 tons of stone paper annually. It has 500 workers and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. At present, it is overdraft, which has been recognized by many governments. Many environmentalists also encourage people to use Stone paper products. 

At present, our stone paper has been exported to Mexico, America, Spain, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Dubai, Germany, Poland, Japan, Britain and other countries.

RBD stone paper:

Thickness: 250~400 micron meter(250/300/350/400um)

Density: 1.50g/cm3 +/-5% 


For plastic/paper board applications

Same usage as paper board and synthetic paper, such as: label, cards, advertising materials, poster, paper box, etc.

The main advantages of Stone:

1. Stone paper waterproof and moisture-proof can be used in the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood packaging, frozen food packaging.

2. Stone paper is more tear-resistant than ordinary wood pulp paper. This feature makes an advantage in children's books.

3. It can be biodegradable. It can be naturally degraded by 80% under sunlight.

4. Protect forests and reduce water pollution. Stone paper is environmentally friendly.

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