Stone Paper Sketchbook

Stone Paper Sketchbook

  • Saturday, 10 June 2023
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Stone Paper Sketchbook

The hardbound Stone Paper Sketchbook features 240 pages of impossibly smooth, bright white stone paper.stone paper sketchbook This unique material is crafted from calcium carbonate dust and bound with non-toxic resin, which allows for an incredible writing experience that’s eco friendly, tree free, and absolutely waterproof, guaranteeing zero bleed through, even with wet mediums like watercolour.

The paper is a little heavier than traditional cartridge paper and has a slightly textured surface.stone paper sketchbook The weight and texture make this paper great for drawing with pencils, charcoals, inks, and pens. The page is also sturdier than typical papers and can withstand a bit of abuse, including being folded over, dropped, and rolled. The best performers for this paper seem to be markers (Copic and Sharpie), felt tip pens, and thick lead pencils. Gel pens tend to bleed a little on the surface and liquid inks can spread, especially on the wet side of the paper.

What makes this paper so special is that it doesn’t absorb ink like conventional wood pulp paper, which means you can get a much more crisp image.stone paper sketchbook This also reduces ink usage by about 15% during printing, making it even more environmentally friendly. The paper is also completely tree free, and is made from recycled stone, which means no trees were harmed in the making of this paper.

Since the paper is tree free, it does not absorb ink as well as traditional paper, and so uses less ink during printing (15 to 20% less). This helps conserve water and energy, which makes it an excellent choice for a sustainable, low impact sketchbook.

This paper is a tree free alternative to traditional wood-pulp paper, and is 100% acid-free. It requires significantly less water than traditional paper to produce—each metric tonne of Karst paper requires about 27 gallons of water, which is recycled and reused. In comparison, 1 tonne of traditional paper requires over 15.5 thousand gallons of water.

The paper is made from 80% crushed stone and is recyclable, using only recycled cardboard boxes for backing. The remainder of the product is made from a mixture of non-toxic resin and recycled paper. This produces an extremely eco-friendly, tree-free paper, which is B Corp Certified, partners with One Tree Planted, and has a C2C Environment Certificate.

The paper itself is a fantastic substitute for wood pulp paper, but it would be difficult to do a full breakdown of the environmental impact compared to traditional wood pulp paper. The biggest environmental benefit is that no trees are cut, no water is used, and no bleach or toxic chemicals are needed to produce the paper. However, it’s not clear if the resin is as good or better for the environment than a similar amount of wood pulp paper that requires more trees, water, and bleach, and is not easily recyclable.

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