Recycled Stone Paper - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Recycled Stone Paper - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

  • Wednesday, 14 June 2023
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Recycled Stone Paper - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

The world is undergoing some major rethinking as we try to find more eco-friendly ways of doing things.recycled stone paper Electric vehicles are gaining ground on the traditional internal combustion engines, meat is being made from plants and quantum computers are embracing the physics that tyres us, all in the quest to find more sustainable solutions.

Paper, which is a key element of everyday life, is no exception.recycled stone paper It is a product that is often overlooked when looking for more eco-friendly alternatives but one company has developed a new material they call ‘stone paper’ that is claimed to be more environmentally friendly than conventional paper. It’s tree free, uses less water and emits significantly less greenhouse gasses in production.

It is also very durable and tear-resistant, suitable for most types of printing. Unlike traditional paper, it does not absorb ink during the printing process which allows for the use of 15 to 20% less ink. This saves both the amount of ink needed and the energy required to produce it. It can be recycled over and over again without losing quality.

During the production of 1 tonne of stone paper no more than 27 gallons of water is used, compared to the 20.7 thousand gallons required to make the same amount of regular wood pulp paper. This is a significant saving of natural resources and demonstrates how much can be done with the same resources if we simply choose a different way to do things.

Recycled stone paper is made from 80% limestone powder and 20% high density polyethylene, or HD-PE. The limestone powder comes from waste quarry rock and offcuts recycled from the construction industry and is crushed to a fine powder. The HD-PE, which acts as a binding agent, can come from either recycled plastic bottles or more organically produced waste such as maize or sugar cane waste. Both these raw materials are readily available and, unlike the wood fibres that are used to make regular paper, are completely tree-free. They are therefore able to be used in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle principle, where products are designed and manufactured so they can be reused, recycled or degraded safely without the release of harmful gases.

Stone paper is both photodegradable and if left in sunlight will begin to disintegrate after a few months. It can also be safely disposed of in commercial compost (which is full of calcium carbonate) or burnt.

During the burning of stone paper it will break down into small fragments and eventually become part of the soil. It will also degrade without releasing harmful gases if it is placed in landfill. This makes it a very safe alternative to plastic which will still be found in our oceans and forests after several hundred years.

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