Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper

Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper

  • Thursday, 15 June 2023
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Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper

When it comes to Christmas presents, the wrapping paper is just as important as the wrapping paper The anticipation of tearing into a beautiful package is a part of the joy of giving. But once the wrapping is torn and the gifts are unwrapped, it's time for the discarded paper to find its way into the trash.

The gift wrap you choose can make the difference between a pile of trash and an eco-friendly wrapping paper Luckily, you can choose paper with a high recycled content or even made entirely out of recycled materials. The best part about these options is that they are still just as pretty as their non-recycled counterparts.

With so many different patterns to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for every gift in your house. From patterned papers featuring reindeers, santa, elves and trees to classic plaids, poinsettias and more, this collection has everything you need to beautifully wrap your gifts this holiday season.

This set includes three rolls of reversible Christmas wrapping paper that will coordinate beautifully to dress up your entire tree. Each sheet is printed with soy-based inks on recycled premium-grade newsprint made using repurposed printing presses. When the festivities are over, it's just as easy to recycle this beautiful paper as your daily newspaper is.

Give your presents a festive look with this blue and white striped paper with gold foil accents. It's perfect for the minimalist or those who love a little sparkle with their presents. This swooping striped option will look great under real and artificial Christmas trees alike.

There are so many fun and festive patterned options to choose from in this collection, including this one with prim and proper nutcrackers lined up at attention. It's a good idea to add some coordinating gift tags for your presents, whether you prefer paper or twine. Paper tags are great because they can be reused year after year. If you use twine, try to avoid plastic ones - these are not recyclable and can release toxins.

In the US alone, we produce enough waste card at Christmas to wrap Big Ben 260,000 times. Unfortunately, all of that glitter dusting your fancy wrapping paper and miles of ribbons is a serious issue for recycling companies. Foil and glitter clog the machines that turn waste paper into new paper and cardboard. Unless you're careful, your shiny wrapping paper could end up in landfills.

While you can still recycle traditional wrapping paper, if you're looking for the greenest options on the market, consider going with something plain and matte. There are many options available, like this set from Wondershop that includes two rolls of plain brown paper (that can be recycled) with a ten-pack of gift labels.

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